Kitchen Witch Gourmet

“Add Magic to your Meals” with Kitchen Witch Gourmet, an Amazing new Product Line from Jenay Marontate, the Founder & Creator of Body of Sun Aromatherapy.

Cajun Conjure

Cajun Conjure is an online store that features products for your Hoodoo/Conjure practice. You will find the traditional formulas such as VanVan Oil and Chinese Wash as well as Hot Foot Powder and Red Brick Dust.

Lady D Oils

Please call for an appointment for an Oracle Reading or a Custom Oil.

The following are the essential oils that have been blended for your following needs.

  • Protection- keep the...

Phoenix Obsidian Designs

Native American Art and Replicas. This business provides a wide-range of materials for hands-on education about Archaeology and Prehistory as well as supplies for those interested in Primitive Technology experimentation.Trading Post & Craft Store

Don Simpson

Handmade jewelry and ritual objects in natural and traditional materials. Custom work done.


Baizaar features unique jewelry and accessories handmade by empowered artisan groups the world across. We spend several months every year in India, Nepal, Thailand and beyond working with...