Two Sisters Botanica

Two Sisters Botanica offers hand-made Conjure, HooDoo, Brujeria, and Wicca products, as well as other magical items. At “Crossroads,” their shop in Shingle Springs, California, owners Eric & Katrina Rasbold offer magical services and a wide variety of personally crafted products for many spiritual paths. Two Sisters Botanica represents the branding for their own hand-crafted products, made with integrity and strong magic. 

Phone: 530-387-7276

Best-selling author, Katrina Rasbold, is a professional Witch and co-owner of Crossroads Metaphysical Store in Shingle Springs, California. She has worked in the magical arts since 1981 and works full time performing spell work for other people and making hand-crafted magical items. She teaches Sunday, Sept 15th, at 3pm on Love Magic.