Ven-Dor the Merchandiser by DonSimpsonI am currently making jewelry, ritual objects, and occasional whimsical items, mostly from natural materials of all sorts; wood, stone, antler, bone, amber, jet, etc.

I have been making art for sixty years, but not continuously, as I have had some demanding “day jobs”, mostly as an electronic or mechanical technician.
I have drawn circuit diagrams, designed and built circuit boards, repaired circuit board making machinery and radio-telephone equipment. I have written small computer programs, helped build computer mice, worked on virtual reality systems, and been assistant game designer on a Star Trek computer game. Also, some odd jobs.

In between all that, I did a lot of drawings and small sculptures, and occasional bunches of jewelry and costume accessories. I got a lot of awards in science-fiction convention art shows until professional cover artists started entering them.

I did a few book and magazine illustrations. I designed a base for the 2002 Hugo Awards.
I made an exhibit for the National Air and Space Museum (part of the Smithsonian Institution), of a space probe, sent by creatures living on a distant planet, with a message that people could try to understand.

Now I mainly make things that seem to want to be made, and wait for the persons that they are for to show up. It’s an odd business model, but over 99% of the things I’ve made have been sold, some immediately, some after many years. It’s an interesting life.

Handmade jewelry and ritual objects in natural and traditional materials. Custom work done.



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